Rob Brown


Rob has been president of Auric Enterprises - Gloves By Web's parent company - since 1994.  He is passionate about upholding traditional values such as kindness and integrity in every aspect of his business.  To this end, Rob earned the designation “Certified Professional Values Analyst” in 1998 by Target Training International (TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.).  Although no longer working in the financial services industry, Rob was conferred the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in September, 2002.

Melanie Cederholm

Plant Manager

Melanie has been with us since 1994. Born and raised in Northern Michigan and an EMT for 30 years, Melanie has vast firsthand knowledge of EMS glove and apparel needs. She has years of experience running operations at Gloves by Web. Melanie lives with her husband Michael and has two sons.

Cheri McGrath

Customer Service Technician

Cheri is the warm, smiling face who packages and ships your gloves and apparel items. With almost 10 years of experience, Cheri makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Pat Terry

Warehouse Specialist

Pat is our warehousing specialist who handles maintenance, and warehouse logistics, as well as machinery and production. Pat has been with the company for seven years. In his spare time, Pat is a Fire Fighter with the local volunteer fire department.