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Wearable Technology: A New Frontier in PPE

Wearable technology is becoming accepted in the workplace as an excellent way to protect employees. This promising new form of personal protective equipment (PPE) includes “smart” vests, wristbands, helmets, hardhats, clothing, glasses, or shoes. Wearable tech can help to monitor employees’ health on the job, protect them from workplace hazards, collect data, and improve safety training methods in various industries. There are certainly benefits... but there are also downsides to wearable tech on the job.  

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My company owns 20 restaurants and employs over 300 people in the foodservice industry in Phoenix, AZ. We have used Gloves By Web to provide our glove needs for over six years and are very pleased with the quality of their product, prompt service, and competitive prices.

Their positive, “can do” attitude is refreshing and makes it a pleasure to work with them.

Brent Veach Owner, Del Taco Restaurants

Gloves By Web has always been a dependable source for gloves for us. They supply a high quality product at a good price.

John Hackman President, Wisco Cooperative Association