Disposable gloves represent the most common form of hand protection in the workplace. Therefore it is imperative to understand the barrier effectiveness of disposable gloves.

Health and safety directors and professionals universally want to make sure they have the proper glove selection for their employees. Often, it is difficult to rely on the information from the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as they may be somewhat vague, and many times the only gloves that will prove satisfactory are quite expensive. In addition, often a chemical has not yet been tested on a glove (especially if it is a new chemical that has just been developed). Not all chemicals have been tested against different gloves for compatibility by the manufacturers, especially when the chemicals are complex mixtures.

Gloves By Web has a solution to this testing quandary that will help determine the best suited glovefor your application. We now offer a service that will test glove materials against different chemical compounds, mixtures, solvents, etc. Send us your compound and we will make sure, through a reliable degradation test, which glove material is most compatible with that solvent, mixture or other chemical. In addition, a 2-hour chemical penetration test will be performed with the most compatible glove to help ensure it will provide protection against chemical permeation. In the end, you will have useful information that will point towards the best glove choice for your application.

Please call us for a quote and we will give you the instructions to make sure the chemical(s) is shipped to us per DOT regulations. We will also need the MSDS sheets.  Once we receive them, we can have the results back to you in as little as a week.