Within both the laboratory market and the medical industry, extreme caution is used when dealing with dangerous chemicals and bodily fluids, respectively. As extra precaution, many specialists/technicians choose to wear two gloves at the same time (referred to as double-gloving).

By wearing two gloves at a time, one dark pair paired with one light pair, a tear or puncture becomes immediately visible to the naked eye. Pairing dark gloves with light ones provides a visual clue for glove failure in the outer glove. (Note – the Cobalt is very dark and provides good contrast with a lighter glove, but the Onyx and the Blaze gloves could be considered as well.)

With respect to certain industries such as semi-conductors, the dark blue of the Cobalt Glove will help reveal particles of contamination during processing. As a result, you help to eliminate cross-contamination. Contaminants could include such things as dead skin cells in the clean room, lint from garments, metal fillings, and dust from equipment. In the pharmaceutical industry, packing powders may also be a problem.

Again, in the laboratory environment, safety is key. Many labs have periodic safety checks. The safety specialist will dust an area with a fluorescent powder (typically fluorescein), then a specialist will check for illumination using a bright light against a dark background. The idea is to show the lab techs how easy it is to transfer matter from one surface to another; thus it is important to change gloves when they move from one zone to another. Eliminating cross-contamination is crucial to lab work.

Within education there are clinical labs, teaching labs, and research labs. Combined with animal care, biotech and others, there are usually different zones or areas within each entity. Each zone or area requires a different colored glove. This way, a supervisor may monitor which zone the technician/clinician is in, and can make sure that the individual(s) degloves properly, minimizing/eliminating cross-contamination. Once again it is a personal safety check.

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