The Blaze glove is a niche product – there are very few people that do it. You can get them here for nearly half of what you would pay at another supplier!

The Blaze glove is great for many industries:


Food production

It’s easier to spot bright orange than it is blue. Since the bright orange color stands out in a crowd, it is beneficial in food production facilities. The Blaze glove allows the supervisor to quickly glance at a large production line and immediately know who is wearing gloves and who isn’t. That supervisor can look out over a big area and be confident that the employees are doing what they should be, and gloving properly as mandated by the USDA.


First responders/EMS

The Blaze glove is visible from distance. This makes it the perfect safety compliance solution for first responders, EMTs, law enforcement/police - anyone who is in an emergency or high traffic situation. It’s particularly useful to first responders as a dual purpose glove – 5 mil thickness, yet offers excellent tactile sensitivity.

When emergency personnel first arrive to an accident site, they have no idea what to expect. There may be glass, rusted metal, or other hazards. They’ll use a fairly thick glove at first (8 mil or even 15 mil), then switch to a thinner glove (for greater tactile sensitivity) once they get into an ambulance, or a stabilized situation.

The Blaze, in addition to being visible from a distance, is a dual purpose glove. It’s 5 mil thick, but it still has good tactile sensitivity. Emergency personell won’t have to switch gloves once the situation is under control. It has greater sensitivity than a really thick glove, but it does have that thickness of the 5 mil that gives them a good amount of protection when they get to the scene.

  • You don’t have to use as many gloves
  • You don’t have to worry about switching gloves
  • You are protected from bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens and other hazards


Utility workers

Anybody working in a high traffic area has to make sure they are seen to passing vehicles. In addition to vests and hardhats, the Blaze orange jumps out and provides an additional safety benefit. Someone driving down the road is attracted to the bright orange, and uses extra caution while passing.

Safety compliance is important for workers in a busy traffic area. People seeing you and taking notice of you is essential. Blaze gloves truly stand out in dangerous situations.

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