Microflex XCEED®


Microflex XCEED®

Now, for the first time, Microflex has introduced the first certified ergonomic exam glove — the Xceed®!  

Prolonged muscle effort leads to fatigue. Continued hand fatigue may develop into hand injuries. And hand injuries are no joke — at best, they are painful and, at worst, they can be career-threatening. Xceed gloves are designed to reduce muscle effort, while at the same time providing the tactile sensitivity needed for the job. 

Microflex Xceed is an excellent glove choice for the automotive, dental, healthcare, industrial safety, laboratory and manufacturing industries.

Xceed is exclusively made with Avantex™, a proprietary formulation developed by Microflex, which delivers outstanding strength with comfort rivaling natural latex.  The combination of Avantex™ polymer technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques delivers exceptionally high-quality gloves; pinhole rates are nearly 75% below the already-stringent FDA allowable levels for examination gloves, and more than 50% lower than the FDA allowable levels for surgical gloves.

Finally, with packaging of 250 gloves per box (2,500 per case) you increase your storage capacity and lower your transportation costs!

Please note, however, that X-Large only contains 230 gloves per box (2,300 per case).


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Product Variants

SKU 75-3100 X-Small / 10 Boxes $406.75
SKU 75-3101 Small / 10 Boxes $406.75
SKU 75-3102 Medium / 10 Boxes $406.75
SKU 75-3103 Large / 10 Boxes $406.75
SKU 75-3104 X-Large / 10 Boxes $406.75