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A recent Louisiana Supreme Court ruling may mean refunds for health care providers in Louisiana for many treatment items, e.g. gloves, masks, etc.

In April, the Louisiana Supreme Court denied writs that were sought as a result of a Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal ruling. This ruling addressed the Louisiana Department of Revenue's denial of a refund claim. The plaintiffs (Medical Diagnostic Services, Inc. and Baton Rouge General Medical Center) claimed refunds for taxes paid from January, 1991 through December, 1992.

As a result of this decision, hospitals are now entitled to a substantial tax refund for state sales and use taxes paid on various healthcare items which were actually exempt. In light of this ruling, providers should file for a refund on any open years for taxes paid on the exempt items. See our collection of the many items that were deemed exempt, including such items as latex and other disposable gloveslab coats,masks, and shoe covers.

To learn more about the ruling, visit this review.


Written by Rob Brown