Who uses GlovesByWeb as their large volume disposable glove supplier?  Casinos in the Midwest and Southwest have been getting their gloves shipped to them by GlovesByWeb in volume.  With an average hotel size in the casinos of 290 rooms, the demands of food and beverage service staff, housekeeping, environmental services and even bellhops are high.

What are they buying?  The majority of the disposable gloves supplied by GlovesByWeb to casinos are vinyl, primarily used by food and beverage service.  Housekeeping generally uses nitrile gloves with a minority still using latex gloves.  Environmental services generally uses nitrile as well.

For a high demand, high volume industry like casinos, GlovesByWeb's high quality products, large volume shipment capabilities and an inventory with the necessary variety of disposable glove materials, whether it be nitrilelatex or vinyl, makes it a sure bet!

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Written by Rob Brown